Change already? Twist to new job, or stick on old ?

OK so having stated quite clearly I would stop and enjoy what I have, why then do I go ahead and apply for another role? Yes, it is local but No it would not necessarily pay more or be as flexible as the role I have. (So – Duh?!)  In a year when a) the kids will be as demanding as ever (in a good way of course, they are basically growing up and need a helping hand)  and b) we are going to completely wipe out and rebuild the downstairs of our house – why introduce more change into that?!

I think it’s because I thrive on it. In the past 10 years I have had, ooh, about 6 jobs. Compare that to my husband’s more coy two jobs at two different companies. I have also set up my own networking group and run my own business. So for me, change is fun and energising. New stuff is good.

The thing is, now a job has to suit me AND three other people (aged 12, 9 and 6). My three other job-sharers don’t really want me to be away too often. They ideally would like me at home when they get in from school a couple of times a week. Not for any particular reason (I am a pretty awful cook) but just in the way that it is comforting to have the same furniture when you get in from work, they like me ‘around’. Plus they would probably like to continue with their sports  which would be a logistical-childcare-nightmare if I were not here. When I was working full-time and they were younger, they went to the same after-school club four times a week and didn’t get to choose the clubs they attended. They also like quite a good salary – who doesn’t – which keeps them in Match Attax cards, New Look vouchers and Beanie Boos.

I do think it is handy to be on the look out. See what other options are available. Not get stuck in a rut. So I’ll go to the interview. It’s a good reason for a manicure, at the very least…  And then I will see..

I was impressed to read in The Sunday Times* about two sassy mothers who make work work for them. They job-share, but with intent! When a new role came up, they both went for it – and got it. They are combining the needs of their family with their skills and the need for a good, engaging role. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if this style of working became more normal? And that employers offered this without questioning?

*Yes, now I have no nappies to change I can read UP TO THREE WHOLE articles in one weekend! Result. 


2017 – Four things I’ve done already

Instead of looking forward to a gaspingly long 12 months, I thought I would list a few quick wins… So far this year I have:

  1. Ran 57km in aid of MIND (*smug)
  2. Not drank any alcohol (yes really!)
  3. Found some great new bloggers so I can nick their ideas, suggestions (Sali Hughes and Kat Farmer, mainly) and good advice, obv.
  4. Started this blog.

So for the rest of they year – What next? Being 40+, having had the kids, got a house and found a job that’s flexible it’s time to take stock. What if I focus on bringing up three decent human beings and enjoying myself? Having had a mental melt down a year ago, it seems all the more worthwhile to enjoy the good stuff you got.