2017 – Four things I’ve done already

Instead of looking forward to a gaspingly long 12 months, I thought I would list a few quick wins… So far this year I have:

  1. Ran 57km in aid of MIND (*smug)
  2. Not drank any alcohol (yes really!)
  3. Found some great new bloggers so I can nick their ideas, suggestions (Sali Hughes and Kat Farmer, mainly) and good advice, obv.
  4. Started this blog.

So for the rest of they year – What next? Being 40+, having had the kids, got a house and found a job that’s flexible it’s time to take stock. What if I focus on bringing up three decent human beings and enjoying myself? Having had a mental melt down a year ago, it seems all the more worthwhile to enjoy the good stuff you got.



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