‘You have time’

I was quite surprised to hear this at a recent women in business conference. An entrepreneur and mother of three telling a room of startup business women, mums, partners – ‘we have time’?

For the past 10 years or so I have felt as if I am on a permanent countdown. Has the baby breastfed for long enough? Has the baby slept for long enough?  Then I go back to work and it was finding 20 minutes to finish a report before running to meet the nursery pick-up time. Speeding through traffic, wishing for a clear journey.

That’s moved to to seeing if I can just squeeze in mopping the floor, clearing out the litter tray, checking my diary, Tweeting and doing my hair as I can see a spare window of 10 minutes until the school run (Ages!!) Basically, I’ve been operating at high speed – and high stress levels over a long period of time.

And then I hear that! I have time? Well by god perhaps I do. Having just completed the MIND Run Every Day challenge apart from making me realise  I need a new pair of running leggings, it made me realise I could choose the way I wanted to spend my time.

So if I wanted to go for a run for half an hour I could and the world wouldn’t stop. (Neither would the washing be done or the litter tray emptied, but that would be my choice.)

And if I could fit in half an hour a day for a jog – what else could I do? Perhaps I could stop multitasking and talk to my teenager. Which I am now going to do.


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